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Privacy Policy

We don't buy or sell any kind of personal information about our clients. Firstly we don't force any of our readers to subscribe to our blog and collects their name and email. Further only use them (name and Email) for sending regular updates from the blog. 

Tips and recommendations

Our tips are based on internet research and we always recommend to ask a medical expert or physician before practicing any exercise or physical activities shown by us. Also, we recommend our clients to contact the seller directly before purchasing any products or services using our affiliate links.   

Products, Service & Shipment

Furthermore, we don't buy and sell any product or services to our visitors. Basically, we only advertise the most rated, and best selling trending products through our blog posts depending on customer review made in Amazon or from other sellers around the world through our blog. So, we're not responsible for shipment or any transaction regarding product or service and their physical quality. But we always do depth research to provide you the best product links from trusted sellers. All the transactions of the product regarding shipments or financial transactions are made through the stores themselves.


We don't copy any content from the internet and rather we use images and videos only if they come under the criteria of free license or labeled for reuse.


We are abided by the law of the government of serving store location and follows the affiliate policy strictly. 

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