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If you're about to place an order to purchase a Yoga mat and anxious about your sweaty hands and feet in such a case, you're in the right place.  As a resolve, here, in this article, we've recommended some best Yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet (hyperhidrosis or anxious sweating) with Yoga poses that cures such alignments. Further, find the buying guide to buy the best yoga mat regardless of any physical conditions.

best yoga mat for tall person
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Whether it's your first yoga mat or you are a pro or you just want to replace your old Yoga mat; this article will guide you to pick the best Yoga mat according to your budget not only for the people suffering hyperhidrosis but any Yoga enthusiast. Further, in the same article, we'll discuss the importance of using a Yoga mat, tips to choose the best mat, some best products from the top online sellers and many more, etc.  

Best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet

Not only for the people suffering hyperhidrosis but these mats are suitable for any level yoga enthusiasts. Further, these mats are the best yoga mats available online regarding their price, quality, size, thickness, and material, etc. 

Product title
Price on Amazon
Yoga Mat with carrying the bag by Clever Yoga
Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat
$check price$
7 pcs Yoga set by Clever Yoga
Pro non-slip Yoga mat by IUGA
$check price$
Body By Yoga - Luxury Cork Yoga Mat
6 ft. Square Yoga Mat by Yoga Direct
Classic/Printed Extra Thick and Yoga Mat by Aurorae
YogaAccessories Yoga Mat
Pro Yoga Mat by Toplus

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive and uncontrollable sweating from hands or feet. This physical condition is disturbing, embarrassing, and weakens the confidence of a person.

What is Anxious Sweating?

Anxiousness is feeling uncomfortable or being nervous. This condition promotes a fast heart rate
palpitation, nausea, shaking, sweating, dry mouth and chest pain, etc. Further, the brain sends a lot of messages down nerves and responsible for such symptoms when you are anxious. Few symptoms might notice such symptoms during physical activities such as yoga too.

Best Yoga poses to cure Anxious sweating naturally!

1. Anjali Mudra
2. Sukhasana
3. Paschimottasana
4. Janu Sirsasana
5. Baddha Konasana
6. Shavasana
7. Sirsasana
8. Vrikshasana
9. Uttanasana
10. Balasana

These poses are quite easy to do using our recommended yoga mats with comfort. Further, you can find many video tutorials on youtube to do the pose with effectiveness.

Top tips to buy the best yoga mat

Consider your size and demands

1. The standard thickness of a yoga mat is in between 1/8 up to 1/4 of an inch. For extra cushioning, you might pick the yoga mats comes in 4.5 mm thickness.

2. Your height is key to select a perfect yoga mat for personal use. The standard yoga mat is somewhere comes in between 60 to 68 in. long. But if you're more than 5 ft. 6 inches long the standard size might not fit you. In that case, a 72 in. long super stretched yoga mat can save your butt.

3. If you're a frequent flyer you should for a light and portable yoga mat so you can do Yoga anywhere anyplace on the go. Generally, travelers keep two Yoga mats and carry light and portable mats during trips. 

Types of different Mats, which are safe to use?

1. According to the latest studies, Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC found as a carcinogen material and difficult to recycle or dispose of. But unfortunately, few low-grade manufacturers use PVC as the main material to make yoga mats Though they are now widely abandoned by many Yoga enthusiasts. So, in case, you're a health concern and nature-loving person you have to pay a few extra bucks for PVC free mats. 

2. Rubber mats can be a solution instead of using PVC mats which is hazardous to both health and the environment. Rubber mats are safe to use, easy to dispose or recycle, somehow cheap and found widely online.

3. Padded mats are more comfortable and ensure cushioning than regular Yoga mats. Generally, these mats are slippery and you'll find you imbalanced while doing many poses. On another hand,  they're partially washable means you can only wash the outer layer of cloth. So, always look for washable non-slippery mats to maintain both hygiene and balance.

4. Another option is cotton mats because it is a more comfortable and harmless natural substance. Moreover, it can soak more sweat than rubber or padded mat. But these mats need frequent washing is a downside of cotton mats.

Which Yoga mats I should buy?

Remember, type of exercise you're going to perform is going to determine the mat you should buy. And that is why we've created three categories among best yoga mat upon their quality and price.

For example, if you're a beginner to Yoga you can go for yoga mats under 30 dollars. Because in the near future you might find Yoga boring and even might want to quit in some case. So, a mat under 30 dollars is an efficient way to give yourself a test with Yoga.

On the other hand, Flow Yoga classes need more traction as they promote complex movements. In contrast, Yin classes are more of sitting and requires cushioning or Hot yoga requires mats with good capability of soaking sweats, etc. By the way, such professional mats are priced in between 50 to 100 bucks.     

Other facts to consider

1. Look into texture either it will leave bruises after each yoga session. The plain texture is the best for intense yoga workouts.

2. Must consider the storage and accessories options. Best Yoga mats offer flexibility and can be easily folded to store and mostly comes with carrying bag and a shoulder strap to carry along.


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