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How To Setup A Gym At Home Under $100? Advantages, Tips, Types Of Exercise, Best Equipment, Top Deals Etc.

In our busy lifestyle, it becomes very hard to maintain a good physique. Especially most of us are struggling when it comes to time management. As it's very hard to separate a specific time out of a day to focus on our fitness of the body. Depending on types of exercise we have to travel into different locations, that is not always close enough from our home or office. Sometimes this travel can take up to 30 to 60 minutes to reach the location for attending a session of physical activities. Literally, it is a great amount of time that can be saved by developing a mini GYM inside our home.

Otherwise, there are many different benefits of keeping some exercise equipment inside your home regardless of the types of exercise. So here in the following section, we've discussed some of the benefits of maintaining a personal mini GYM at home:

types of exercise
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Benefits of making a Home GYM

1. Regardless of the size of your apartment or home and types of exercise, it's not a difficult task for us to keep a corner that will be dedicated to our physical fitness. Further consistency is considered as a key to fitness. So, a home GYM helps to keeps up the rate of consistency which gives optimum results and to achieve great results through physical activities.

2. Depending on your exercise plans and types of exercise or space you might develop a dedicated separate room packed with irons or it's just might be a corner holding a Treadmill only, always motivates you towards fitness. Remember mental strength is also important so you don't get bored easily of workout. 

3. One time investment!! If you spend $20 per month including an added initial cost for admission plus the traveling expenses which is less or greater $50 per month, you'll spend $50x12 months =  approximately $600 per year. In this amount, you can easily buy a heavy-duty commercial treadmill which is not a bad deal at all.

4. Over anything making a small GYM gives you flexibility upon GYM sessions. Do it anytime and utilize your free time in fitness, anytime you're in the mood. Also, it saves a great deal of time which we spend in traveling, getting prepared, and waiting for other members to finish their sets in the GYM so you can perform yours, etc.

5. You can invite your friends, Girlfriend or family to give you a companion in your personal mini GYM. It has two benefits one it'll reduce the rate of yearly overall health expenses not only for you but your loved ones. So, say goodbye to the doctors and medicines by leading an active lifestyle. Another benefit, the pain always becomes fun along with friends. Even, you'll never feel bored and can motivate each other for the betterment of the overall physique.


The only disadvantage is you're out of trainer to train you according to your body type. Another considerable disadvantage is there is no one to show you the correct postures to get optimum results and avoid injuries. So sometimes it leads to physical injuries.

Now, when you're just about to drop the idea of  Home GYM we would request you to read the section below and to hire a Pro trainer by spending less than $20 for the lifetime.

How? Trainer Solutions depending on types of exercise

It is not a cost-effective solution for everyone to keep a personal trainer at home. Instead, did you ever thought off to buy a Personal trainer or a nutritionist directly from Amazon? Yes, I am talking about the DVDs, and that is the most simple way to bring the celebrity trainers to your home.

You might ask, there are hundreds of such DVDs on Amazon, How to pick the best one? We'd like to say, just take a chill, we're here to help you. For the same reason, we've collected and tested the best DVD workout plans for you. So, you can achieve optimum results in no time. All DVDs are thoroughly reviewed by us and picked up upon their success rate reported by 100s and 1000s of people around the world.

1. Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights

Amazon Rating: 4.5 ( Amazon's Choice)

Types of Exercise: Bodyweight exercise, Some dumbells, and kettlebells, etc.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels has been known for her workouts under 30 minutes which is pretty challenging and intensive. Likewise, her other fitness programs, Michaels's Shred-It with Weights workout is an efficient, fun, adaptable routine that will help you achieve optimum results in no time. Only you have to keep things moving at a brisk pace with Michael, right from the beginner version.

Further, all you need cheap small dumbells or a kettle ball to complete the 30 minutes intensive challenge. Though Michael does recommend the kettlebell, it can be replaced with a four-pound regular dumbbell. So, get ready to pump your heart rate higher than ever. As the program includes cardio moves with weights including swings around the body. These intensive moves keep the heart rate high, push you to the limit and increase overall metabolism that helps fat burn and growth of muscles.

In no time, you'll become a fan of exercises like lunges, squats, and leaps with the added resistance using small weights, as do Michaels. Likewise, of her, any other workout plans, Michaels includes multiple options and modified routines for both beginners and advanced trainees for those people wanted to challenge their limits.

Finally, the DVD includes a bonus tutorial by Michael about "how best to handle a kettlebell?" which helps to adopt control to avoid further injuries.

2. Beachbody Focus T25 Shaun T's DVD Workout Program

Amazon Rating: 4.4 ( Amazon's Choice)

Types of Exercise: Bodyweight exercise, Resistant Bands, etc.

Spend 25 minutes per day at home instead of hours in the GYM to get an optimum fat burning result. Further, Shaun claims, time is the only barrier to reach your fitness goal, by spending only 30 mins per day, 5 days a week,  at home. And we summarize the program as intensive, time-saving, and effective.

In the last few years, fitness celebrity Shaun T ran continual experiments on human-body mechanics to find out the ultimate fitness program to give the best results in the minimum time frame. After several years of hard work, he designed the ultimate fitness program that has the same effect unitedly on the fat burn, muscle gain & weight loss by spending 25 minutes a day, identical of spending hours in GYM. As he named the program as FOCUS T25 which implies the intent - 5 days x 25 minutes for best optimum results.

Package Includes:

1. 11 workouts on 9 DVDs.

2. Quick-Start Guide.

3. Nutrition Guide.

 4. 5-Day Fast Track.

5. Finally, a Resistance Band (15 lbs.) from B-LINES.

3. Walk On 10,000 Steps Weight Loss 5 Fat Burning Miles Indoor Walking Exercise DVD

Amazon Rating: 4.7 ( Amazon's Choice)

Types of Exercise: Indoor walking exercise.

Walking is one of the safest ways to lose weight and get into the shape that has a great impact both on the body and mind. To maximize the health benefits through walking these workout routine includes brain, balance, coordination, and moves; for boosting agility during walking. 

The workout program has been divided into 5 different milestones targeting different muscle groups focusing on healthy living. Further, the 5 miles are described followingly:

Warming up approx. 5 Minutes

1. Mile #1: Brain Booster - Session 01: 15 minutes.

2. Mile #2: Belly, Thighs, and Buns - Session 02: 15 minutes (approx.).

3. Mile #3: Power Posture Walk - Session 03: 15 minutes (approx.).

4. Mile #4:  Turbo Charged Walk - Session 04: 13 minutes (approx.).

5. Mile #5:  Boogie Down Walk - Session 05: 15 minutes (approx.).

Cooling Down approx. 5 Minutes

2 Extra bonus workouts are included by the author to strengthen muscle groups and pain-free walking experience in the future. Further, the 2 Bonus workouts are the following:

1. Bonus workout #1:  The Strong Feet and Ankles Workout - Total session: 15 minutes (approx.).

1. Bonus workout #2:  The Strong Knees and Hips Routine - Total session: 15 minutes (approx.).

Approx. this is a total session of 115 Minutes walking and strength training.

Special note:

One only requires a mat, a pair of shoes, a chair to complete the full workout session including the strength training. Otherwise, we can say, you don't need any heavy or costly equipment during the entire workout session. Further, an exception to the strength training session, there is no floor posture during the walking session.

Moreover, the fitness program is designed by the author targeting different age groups. So, Jessica demonstrated low impact or no jump options as an alternative for each shape, age, size, and body type.

4. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Amazon Rating: 4.3 ( Amazon's Choice)

Types of Exercise: Yoga.

Another Jillian Michaels fat loss workout fitness program. Further, Yoga Meltdown is a new yoga workout plan that achieved fame in no time like other Jillian Michaels DVD collections to burn fat in no time. Next, in this fitness program, the celebrity author combines hard-core yoga power poses with personal techniques to burn fat in quick succession of time.


The DVD features two complete 30-minute workouts including separate warming up and cooling down sessions. In level 1 workout phase she has focused on quickly flowing yoga sequences to burn more calories. Further, in Level 2, she has promoted twists and balance poses to maximize the burning process while toning muscle groups.     

5. Insanity Base Kit by Shaun T

Amazon Rating: 4.3 ( Amazon's Choice)

Types of Exercise: Cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training, etc.

Insanity workout is inspired by the famous HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout plans, found the most effective form of exercise to burn fat in quick succession of time. Even right now, no other workout plan can claim such results in just 2 months as Shaun T's Insanity fitness program did claim. Yes, guaranteed results!! Further, HIIT is now one of the widely excepted forms of exercise among the fitness industry and has proven records on weight loss. Likewise, HIIT, Insanity workout program is also loaded with short interval high-intensity workout plans.  As a result, such fitness programs increase the Metabolism rate, which results in high BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate means the amount of energy expended while at rest) and intensifies the weight loss training.

Next, though HIIT type exercise forms are breathtaking, you'll surely get the desired result in minimum time. Furthermore, these exercises need just a decent amount of space and a pair of sports shoes. So, no heavyweight and costly equipment, now lose weight in the home with 10 types of exercise from Insanity DVDs. The DVDs are described followingly: 

1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test: Session - 30 minutes.
2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Session - 40 minutes.
3. Cardio Power & Resistance: Session - 40 minutes.
4. Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: Session - 80 minutes.
5. Pure Cardio & Abs: Session - 40 minutes.
6. Cardio Abs: Session - 20 minutes.
7. Core Cardio & Balance: Session - 40 minutes
8. Max Interval Circuit: Session - 60 minutes.
9. Max Interval Plyo: Session - 55 minutes.
10. Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Session - 50 minutes.

Further, the set is loaded with a routine, nutrition guide, calender for tracking progress with 10 intense separate workout DVDs mentioned above.

As we've already mentioned some great alternatives to personal trainers upon different forms of exercises. There are also many other forms of exercise whom are proven to be effective in weight loss programs. For example Kickboxing or Zoomba Dance etc. Here are some alternative picked by us from Amazon:

Home GYM setup - Accessories & Equipment

As we've gone through the first step (fitness program & trainer ) to set up our personal GYM at Home. The very next question is, what accessories do you need to set up a GYM depending on the types of exercises mentioned above programs? Also, our focus is to set up an indoor GYM at a minimal cost and keeping the same resolution following is the list of equipment:

1. A pair of Sports Shoe.
2. Sports Clothing - Men & Women
3. Pair of Dumbbells & Kettlebells.
4. Exercise Mat.
5. Resistance Band.

1. Top Sports Shoe deals on AMAZON according to types of Exercise :

Regardless of workout whether running, walking, sports or gym equipment, you must have decent quality sports shoes for physical activities. Because inappropriate shoes can be a reason for unwanted injuries and might delay the time of fitness goals you want to achieve. On the other hand, spending in a sports shoe helps to prevent major foot and ankle damage and provide workout support that gives a more comfortable and pleasant workout session.

Furthermore, good shoes not only prevent internal injuries but also protects feet from an accident like padding such as a drop of kettlebell on feet. Next, a pair of quality sports shoes is a safeguard to major leg bones such as knees, ankles, etc. by lessening the impact as a cushion on heavy landings. For example exercise like burpees which is quite common fat-burn exercise.

What features do I look for before purchasing a set of dumble?

A top-notch sports shoe or sneakers must have the following features:

1. Must have a Synthetic sole that provides proper sealing and durability. The proper rubber sole gives good traction and cushioning against the floor which improves overall performance. 
2. Quality soles should be flexible enough and can be tested by bending.
3. Look for multi-surface traction which is delivered through the molded pod. The pods are also responsible for the piston effect and cushioning by flattening and later springing back at toe-off on impact.
4. Sports shoes must deliver responsive cushioning and should have come in a lightweight.
5. The meshed top shoe provides optimal breathability that keeps the feet dry and prevents bad smells.
6. Look for a proper heel. It keeps the right balance and cushioning while doing activities. Further, the standard size is in between 1.50 to 2..25 approximately.
7. You should always look for a perfect size both tight or loose-fitting can lead you towards sports injuries.

The following shoes are hand-picked by us upon the above-mentioned quality and best prices at Amazon:


2. Top Sports clothing deals on AMAZON according to types of Exercise:

Though the items of clothing do not come under GYM equipment still choosing the right clothes for a workout session is important. Especially while doing a posture or a movement sports clothing provide support to do the exercise correctly. On the other hand, choosing the wrong fabrics leads to excessive sweating results in a shortage of water in our body. As a result, we get exhausted in no time and sometimes is a reason for unwanted cramps in muscles.           

What features do I look in Sports clothing?

1. First, whether buying a Tshirt, pant or tank top, polyester is ideal for sports. Polyester wicks sweat quickly so one can stay dry. As absorbing sweat in the body might lead to post-workout muscle pain and sometimes health conditions such as chest congestion, cough, etc.

2. Always pick a breathable fabric that helps to maintain body temperature and they are anti-odor. As we've mentioned above, access sweating drags salt of our body and leads to body fatigue and injuries. So, picking breathable fabrics ensures proper airflow which helps us to ourselves hydrated.

3. Soft, quick-drying, and stretchable fabrics are good for sports for example polyester. Such fabric supports movement while maintaining comfort during the workout session.

We've handpicked the following Men's sports clothing for a comfortable workout session. Click the products below to purchase now from Amazon:

Sports clothing for women that ensures great support and ensures comfort during the workout session, hand-picked by us:

3. Top DUMBBELL & Kettlebells deals on AMAZON:

Dumbbells are must-have equipment to add some resistance in workout sessions. Not dumbbells add resistance but also helps to tone muscles, unitedly burns fat and develop new muscles. Further, many celebrity sports authors such as Jillian Michaels also used dumbbells and kettlebells to her fitness programs to add resistance for optimum workout results. For example, she used both dumbbells and kettlebells in her famous fitness program DVDs such as Lift & Shred, Shred-It With Weights, and 30 Day Shred, etc.       

What features do I look for before purchasing a set of dumble?

1. Weight Accuracy. Better look for products comes with AmazonBasics limited one-year or similar warranty.
2. Concerning a secure hold and easy-grip must look for a neoprene or other coatings.
3. A quality pair of dumbbells must have printed weight on each side for identification.
4. Rather go for the dumbbells with Hexagonal shape which prevents rolling and keep dumbbells steady.
5. If you have the budget go for adjustable dumbbells.

Following are the set of dumbbells we've picked for you, directly from Amazon upon safety and durability.

What features do I look for before purchasing a kettlebell?

1. Likewise, Dumbbells look for Kettlebells come with Amazon's guarantee such as Amazon's choice to make sure the accuracy in weight.
2. Next, the Kettlebells should be made of solid cast iron with no weld. Also, look for no seams, and weak spots for durability.   
3. The coating is important to ensure durability, and a better grip which helps to resist corrosion.
4. A flat bottom of the kettlebell ensures upright storage and stability. Further, they're suitable for renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell.

Following are the kettlebells we've picked for you, directly from Amazon upon safety and durability.

4. Top Exercise Mat deals on AMAZON:

An Execersie Mat became a piece of must-have equipment in a Home GYM depending on different types of exercises. For example, Yoga, Crunch, etc.

An exercise mat can be used in several ways, depending on types of exercise and posture during the workout session, to give comfort and support to our body. Also, as the six-pack abs are trending like hell, so the types of floor exercises become an essential part of any workout routine. Other exercises that involve core, abdominal or flexibility training must require a quality mat to perform different poses and postures. Further, who simply wants to lay down into a dirty floor wearing a wet Tshirt? In such a case, a clean mat comes handy.

What features do I look for before purchasing an Exercise Mat?

Mainly the exercise mats are made of 4 different materials and the materials are closed-cell PVC
, Cotton, Mesh, and Rubber. Remember among other materials closed-cell foams are tough, durable, easy to clean and don't dent.

Following are some features you must look before purchasing an Excercise Mat:

1. As the aspect of using a mat is to protect our vital bones such as knees, elbows, and tailbone, etc. during performing the floor postures. So, make sure that the exercise mat provides perfect cushioning and padding during exercises. Depending on types of exercise the thickness of Mat varies from 1/2 inches to 1/8 inches. I'll always suggest the 1/2 inches for extra support and comfort during exercise.

2. A standard and quality exercise mat should be approximately 70 inches long and about 24 inches wide on average. So, the mat can easily accommodate your whole body. 

3. I'm sure you don't want to clean your floor off after every workout session. So, make sure the mat you're purchasing is made of a waterproof element and provide sealing to keep sweat away from the floor.

4. Furthermore, the best exercise mats can be easily folded and stored using minimal space. To carry the mat along yourself must buy the exercise mat comes with shoulder strap.

5. Top Resistance Band deals on AMAZON

These days Resistance bands become a familiar alternative of dumbells as they are cheap and require lesser storage space than dumbbell or barbells. Furthermore, these bands can provide similar resistance comparing to dumbbells and ensure both way tension to complete exercise set smoothly than ever. Regarding the usability they're 100s of another advantage one can take from such exercise bands. For example, lightweight, portable, adjustable, and perfect for both home and outdoor use, etc. Moreover, both beginners and pros can use a resistance band as they're adjustable and safe to use according to personal needs.

What features do I look for before purchasing a set of Resistance bands?

1. Color and resistance (equivalent to weight) marking are the main features you should have look for before purchasing a set of a resistance band. So, it'll make the identification much easier for the users.  For example, Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red (50 lbs), etc.

2. Check for the length, standard resistance bands are about approximately up to 48 inches in length.

3. Make sure the bands are made of the highest quality Latex for longevity and durability. As natural Laytex are durable and can hold their resistance for extensive use for a longer period of time. Even go for the double-layered bands for longevity and maximum resistance.

4. Always go for the band sets that include the multi-clip system so anyone can use the bands according to their personal goal and ability by setting the different levels of resistance (equivalent to weight up to 150 lbs).

5. Portability is one of the main features of the resistance band. So, most quality brands ensure their product to be portable. Before purchasing your set of bands check the package must include exercise bands, carry bag, door anchor, cushioned handles and ankle straps, etc. Though some items are may or may not included. But we'll try our best to pick at least one product for our readers that comes along with the mentioned features, below in this section.

As we've almost reached the last section of this article and hope you'll find the article helpful to set up your personal GYM. Though there are many other types of equipment depending types of exercise, you can add or remove to set up your personal GYM, but here are some more items we recommend to make the GYM up to standard if you have enough budget and space. For example, you can add, a multi-station, treadmill, push bar, pullup bar, bench, and ab roller, etc. Well, we'll shortly publish an article on these above mention equipment with top deals on Amazon. To read our further articles and update, Subscribe us now.

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