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Dumbbell Workouts For Weight Loss, Benefits, Tips, Etc.

Read this article, to learn some best dumbbell workouts for weight loss through strength training.

Often people found to carry a misconception when it comes to fat loss. Even many of them have a strong belief that doing cardio and following a strict diet is the only way to achieve a personal fitness goal. Even, we also admit the fact that cardio is a great form of exercise indeed, to burn more calories than other popular options, such as strength training.  Moreover, strength training does burn fewer calories comparing cardio in a particular session. Either burning calories, strength training helps more in muscle growth that boosts the rate of calorie burn. Now the question is, How? For example, if we consider the human body as a machine and calories as fuel. In that case, the consumption rate of the fuel should depend upon the size of the machine. Similarly, large muscles also consume more calories and eventually leads to calorie deficiency in the body. As a result, normally, our body converts fat into energy(calorie) to fill a shortage. In this way, strength training or weight lifting is also as good as the cardio, regarding fat loss.


Cardio Vs Strenght training

Firstly, cardio burns more calories comparing to weight lifting and boosts the process of calorie deficiency that ultimately speeds up fat loss. But at the same time, it shrinks muscles along with the body fat.

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dumbbell workouts for fat loss
Photo credits: Pixabay
On the other hand, strength training helps to build muscle. Again, heavy lifting or strength training increases the body's metabolic rate at rest, also called BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Due to high BMR, to ensure proper functioning, our body keeps burning calories at rest. Further, this burn rate increases with the size of muscles. As we've mentioned earlier, the big machine needs more fuel to function properly. Suddenly the process creates a calorie deficiency in the body. So, to maintain the proper supply to muscles, our body breaks the fat cells and convert them into energy(calorie). That is how our body keeps burning calories for a while even after the workout session ends. Most importantly it is converting the fats to maintain the calorie supply that eventually boosts our fat loss and gives us an attractive body that we've always desired for years. Here in the following section, we've mentioned a few Best Dumbbell workouts for fat loss.

Best Dumbbell workouts for weight loss                 

1. Exercise: Crossover Hammer Curl


The exercise helps to build thicker arms by pushing your biceps and triceps apart. Basically, the exercise targets the brachialis of forearms that effectively strengthen and develop bicep and tricep muscles and one of the best dumbbell workouts for fat loss. Further, this dumbbell workout for arms makes a balance between the lower and upper part of arms. Though there are many dumbbell workouts for arms, we picked Crossover Hammer Curl among them because it divides forearm muscles and engages the nervous system to recruit more muscle fibers.


How to perform Crossover Hammer Curl?

  • Firstly begin by standing and holding a pair of dumbbells in a neutral grip.
  • Now by keeping a gentle pace move the left the arm crossing over chest towards the right shoulder. And keep moving until the upper part of dumbbell touches the shoulder. Now hold the position for a second to maximize the contraction and then release to reach the initial position.
  • Next, do the same movement for the alternative arm (Right hand).
  • Keep performing the exercise according to required reps following own personal exercise routine.

2. Exercise: Dumbbell Scaption     


The scaption movement engages Scapula and Rhomboids the strengthen the Rotator cuffs and Supraspinatus. Further, the movement increases the shoulder flexibility that fortifies joints and tendons. Moreover, it strengthens the muscles that make you stronger in other pressing and lateral movements such as Bench press, shoulder press, etc. Even performing imperfect posture develope strength in the middle back by creating scapula retraction yields postural improvements. Further, correct posture strengthens the muscles to stabilize the shoulder blades and one of the best dumbbell workouts for weight loss.

How to perform Dumbbell Scaption?

  • To begin the exercise stand straight by holding comparatively lightweight dumbbells in such grip that the thumb should point upwards.
  • Now begin with raising the arms out sideways in front of the body about in 30 degrees off-center. With the movement open arms to the full extent while performing the posture and continue the arms become perpendicular to the ground.
  • Next, hold for a sec in the contraction position. Now, complete the rep by reaching the initial posture.

3. Exercise: Bench Press


The bench press is an ancient compound form of exercise that works on chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. Further, one of the most practiced exercise around the world to strengthen upper body muscle groups. Also, the exercise it exempted to help in muscle growth that is considered to be key to fat loss burning more calories. as we've described earlier. Even bodybuilders belief, the bigger you bench, the bigger your chest. So, Bench press is considered as one of the best dumbbell workouts for weight loss.

By the way, there are two popular methods to perform the exercise. One is using barbell another using dumbbells. In case you're looking for a bigger chest it is recommended to use dumbbells over the barbell. Because holding weight separately gives more lifting stretch over holding together. To take best out the exercise, the top of lift squeeze your pecs together for highest possible muscle contraction.   

How to perform Bench Press?

  • Firstly lie on a bench or an exercise matt on the floor, in case you don't have a bench.  
  • Now hold the dumbbells in the medium grip or thumbs around the dumbbells. 
  • Further, by straightening the arms hold the dumbbells, top of the eye line. Note: While holding the dumbbell by straightening arms slightly bend your elbows to avoid arm joint injuries.     
  • Now move the dumbbells downward in a gentle pace until reaches the mid-chest.
  • Hold the dumbbell at the contraction point for a sec and go upward to the initial posture to complete the rep.   

4. Exercise: Two-Arm Bent-Over Row


Likewise Bench press there are two variations for doing the Bent-over row.  One is using barbell another using dumbbells. Again it's a compound form of dumbbells workouts for arms, rhomboids, lats, etc. that gives the desired V-shape. Also, hone in on the Deltoids for giving a t-shirt filling a broad shoulder effect and considered as one of the best dumbbell workouts for weight loss.        

How to perform Two-Arm Bent-Over Row?

  • To begin with bend knees slightly and bring Torso forward by bending waist with a pair dumbbells on hands. At holding, make sure the back is straight and almost parallel to the floor. Next, hold the head up straight and the dumbbells hanging perpendicular to the floor and torso and this will be your position at inertia.      
  • Keep the Torso stationary and lift the dumbbells sideways along breath out. Also, make sure that Elbows remain close to the body and don't push hard using forearms, either just hold the weights. 
  • At the point of contraction hold for a second and release afterward to reach the initial position.          

5. Exercise: Goblet Squat


Goblet squat is a variation of traditional squat usually performed using Dumbbell or kettlebell. Here you need to hold a dumbbell against the chest in such position that is similar to holding a Goblet, as per the name of the exercise. 

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Further, the exercise targets more in fat burn than firing specific muscle groups. Even gives a full-body exercise by targeting major muscle groups such as quads, calves, glutes, and entire core, and arms, etc. Also by holding onto the weight increase overall grip strength and is one of the best dumbbell workouts for weight loss. 

How to perform Goblet Squat?

  • To begin the rep take a stance by standing on feet about hip-width apart and holding a dumbbell against your chest similarly holding a Goblet. 
  • Now tighten the core and drop butt back downwards to lower into the squat position by keeping the head and chest straight upwards. 
  • Make sure the bodyweight remains unto heels rather shifting the weight forward onto the balls of your feet. Further, go as deep as possible to maximize glute activation.
  • Finally, come back to the initial position to complete rep and give glute a squeeze by reaching the top. 

6. Exercise: Dumbbell Clean


The Olympic lifting exercise improves total-body power and strength and gives shoulder stability. Further, it gives a total body workout by targeting major muscles such as traps, lats, rhomboids, deltoids, upper pecs, biceps, and triceps, etc. And working on so many muscles in a single rep burns more calories that help in fat loss.

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Likewise, other exercises mentioned, there are two different methods to do the exercise by using dumbbell or barbell as alternatives. Moreover, using dumbbells consist of great advantages over a barbell. For example, dumbbell helps to manage the weights separately and gives greater motion range, means more muscle activation. Overall the exercise is good for building size and strength while losing fat.      

How to perform Dumbbell Clean?

  • Take a medium stance in the standing position while shoulders being apart and holding dumbbells using both arms.
  • Secondly, by flexing hips and knees lower the weight downwards towards the floor. Keep pushing the hip backward until dumbbells touch the floor.   
  • Next, by extending the hips, knees, and ankles violently jump upward to pull weight upward. Maintain, a neutral grip to keep the arm straight until reaching the full extension. 
  • Once reaching the full extension, rebend hips and knees to lift the weight in a squat position. Also, permit the arms to bend while guiding the dumbbells towards shoulder line. 
  • By keeping the dumbbells in front of the shoulder line receive the weight in the squat position and move upward to stand to complete a rep.

7. Exercise: Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift


The dumbbell version of this exercise builds hamstrings. Also targets the major muscles to burn extra calories such as lower back, glutes, and calves, etc. While doing this exercise the main concerns should be the posture rather lifting heavier weights. So, keep the back straight while doing the exercise and bend a slight when required using your knees instead back. The particular move squeezes hamstrings and glutes while coming up and you'll feel a nice stretch at the bottom position in the same rep.         

How to perform Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift?

  • To begin with,  pick a pair of dumbbell by keeping legs apart about to shoulder length in the standing position. Hold the dumbbells with arms fully extended downwards as shown in the video. 
  • Slightly bend the knees by leaving buttock outwards. Gently bend at the waist by lowering the dumbbells crossing knees. Now you should feel a little stretch at hamstrings and glutes.   
  • Now pull the dumbbells and stand straight slowly by moving upward to reach the initial position while squeezing butts and hamstrings.

8. Exercise: One Arm Swing


One Arm swing improves demands on the shoulder by stabilizing muscles. Further, the exercise targets core anti-rotational muscles and also major muscle group such as upper back scapular region on the swinging side to strengthen and improve overall performance. Also, increases the grip strength and gives a full-body workout such as targeting hamstrings, shoulders, arms, etc. to burn more calories that lead to fat loss and considered one of the best dumbbell workouts for fat loss. 

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How to perform One Arm Swing?

  • Stand on medium stance by keeping the legs and hips apart about shoulder length. 
  • Now, Hold a dumbbell using either left or right hand while the palm is facing towards the earth. 
  • Go downwards to squat until the thighs become parallel to the floor bypassing the dumbbell between legs and hips. 
  • Now make upward thrust using hips by straightening knees and swing the dumbbell along the way to chest level. Move downwards again to complete a rep. 

9. Exercise: Dumbbell Step-up


The Dumbbell Step-up mainly targets the quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh and gives full body workout to build overall strength of the body. As a secondary muscle group, it targets and improves the posterior chain or the glutes and hamstrings, etc. Further,  the exercise improves balance, stabilization, and proprioception as the exercise involves all four motions including upwards downward, forward and backward movements.  

How to perform Dumbbell Step-up?

  • Start holding dumbbells across your shoulder using both hands. 
  • Begin with Right foot unto pressing through the heel to straighten the focused leg likewise climbing stairs. Following bring other foot on the top on the same level of the focused foot (right).
  • Now bend your right knee to step down and pull back the left foot to meet with the right foot already placed on the ground. That's it !! Further, keep alternating legs during climbing and coming back to the ground unto reaching to complete the set. 

10. Exercise: Farmer's Walk


Farmer's Walk the ultimate exercise to build muscle fast by cutting fat at the same time. The cardio plus strength training fusion builds overall strength and carrying almost no risk of any kind of injury.  Moreover the exercise targets major muscle groups such as back, shoulders, grip, etc. same time putting your lungs on work.

How to perform Farmer's Walk?

This is so simple that 5 years old can perform the exercise. All you need to grab a pair of dumbbell across the shoulder and keep moving around your yard or hall room. 

Dumbbell vs barbell (Bodybuilding and Fatloss)

As you've already noticed that the exercises that we've mentioned earlier in this article have an alternative form using Barbell. So, it's quite common to ask why dumbbell instead of the barbell? Following are a few reasons to pick dumbbells instead of the barbell for maximizing strength and putting your muscles into hypertrophy.

dumbbell workouts for fat loss
Photo credits: Pixabay

Greater range of motion

As we've mentioned earlier, we'll get an ideal range of motion means more recruitment of muscles that gives more burn. Also using a dumbbell, we need to carry weights separately that balances the effect of exercise and gives us an extra-dimensional movement for recruiting more muscles into exercise.   

More Stability and Activity on the targeted muscle

Simply start with a comparison upon your chest, biceps, and trices while doing a barbell bench press, a Smith machine bench press, or a dumbbell bench press. Definitely, in all form, you'll get stretch upon the same muscle groups. But coming to Dumbbell lifting, you should notice that suddenly biceps getting tired quickly than other forms of the same exercise. Again you might ask why? The answer is simple, Dumbbells require more stability in each movement and as a result recruit more muscle fibers to make a balance upon load.     

Overthrowing Strength Imbalances

Further Dumbbells give the arms unilateral movement. So, the load is properly balanced on both hands. Simply you cannot hide the weakness of another hand for a specific load. So, doing the exercise using dumbbells fixes the strength imbalance. If you're facing such a problem then switch to dumbbells to make the balance on both sides of your body regarding power.   

Dumbbells are Safe

Though Barbell is recommended for heavy lifts or squats but also carries a higher safety risk without a spotter if you find yourself weak during the set. For example, can you imagine how painful and killing is trapping under a three hundred pounds Barbell? But with dumbbells it is much easier, just drop off the dumbbells aside definitely not on the own legs to hit the next set.    

Perfect for HIIT

For High-intensity interval training as it has been named, there is a very minimal interval in between sets to get an optimal fat burning effect in the workout routine. Such training also involves different weights too for certain type of exercises and frequent switching. For a personal using Barbell, it'll take time to switch that prolongs the interval training and reduces the effect for optimum results. So, In contrast with Barbell, Dumbbell is perfect for High-Intensity exercises.     

Prevents Injury

While doing Bench press with a Barbell, our arms and shoulders are locked in a fixed position. In contrast, Dumbbell Bench press allows us to change the movement pattern as required that leaves shoulders move freely. Ultimately that saves our shoulder from unwanted injuries and is universal for any exercise that requires free movement to avoid pain.  

Above we've mentioned a few advantages of dumbbells over exercises but we always recommend Barbell for low reps heavier exercises to push your limits.


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