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Baba Ramdev - A Spritual Leader, Yogi & Social Activist, His Views On Fitness And Activism!!!

Ramkishen Yadav known for Baba Ramdev Yoga sessions was Born in a small village of  Haryana named Alipur. In the very early stage, he left home due to join Gurukul. He came in and shooted the first time as he started the Yog Mandir Trust in 1995. As a Yoga Guru, he was cast by the Astha TV and came under the limelight in 2003 featured in Baba Ramdev Yoga session. He was so influencing that in the next couple of years he attracted hundreds and thousands of followers around the globe especially in India. Right now his trust is situated on 600 crores land including University. Not only that a Scottish couple gifted him a 750 acres Island in 2009.

Religion: Hindu


1. Businessman
2.  Yoga Guru
3. Spiritual Leader
4. Social and Political activist


1. Patanjali Ayurved
2. Patanjali Yogpeeth
3. Bharat Swabhiman Trust


Honorary Doctorate presented by the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar

A closer look into his Ethics and Idol towards Yoga & Social Activism

Following section is collected from a report made by Revati Laul, Baba Ramdev; 54 Yoga guru-turned-activist; Goodfellas I – A series on gurus and their politics

Approximately thirty thousand devotees sitting on lotus position waiting at JALGAON, MAHARASHTRA, 5 am, to inhale both Yoga and Politics from their Guru. Without a physical presence, there are millions across India are also making themselves ready for the morning double dose. And They believe their Guru to be a Messiah against corruption. As he looks straight into the eyes of the waited audience, his presence is electrifying. Even the last person under the get attracted to him due to his fun-loving and warm character. Now you might think of when hundreds of thousands of followers under an open shed are fed on a diet of political activism with Baba Ramdev Yoga session, are they hearing the speech? In case they are, what we can expect from this large captive middle-class audience? And what they take back home?

baba ramdev yoga
Patanjali Yogpeeth, Established 19993

Even people are so influenced by Ramdev that he captured their audience's faith in his political activism. These audiences uproar and applause every time he says, "death by hanging to all those who are corrupt". And He says, " all the black money will come back to India once he goes on fast and then it will amount to Rs 60,000 crore for each district in the country. " He never mentions, How the money will come back or distributed among people in case the system is corrupt.

His Political Views - collected from an interview, given back on  4th June 2011

Interviewer: Don't you think hanging till the death penalty for corruption is against the Ahimsa?

His opinion: According to him, these are the people who are responsible for the death of 20,000 farmers commits suicide every year. On average, the number is 2 per day until 2011 0.2 million farmers committed suicide in India. On the other hand, approximately 7 million are dying every year due to starvation, suicide, and malnutrition and corruption is guilty behind these unwanted deaths of innocents. 

baba ramdev yoga
Baba Ramdev with Bollywood & Media celebrities 


Interviewer: As you've mentioned several times that you're non-political but don't you think the statements are very much political?

His opinion: According to him,  his clear on this matter has no doubts. He mentioned,  he is not showing double face as diplomatics do.  And he believes there are two ways to change the system - first bodily entering the politics and other is to create a ground to build pressure from the side of the general public to make politicians surrenders and to act responsibly. 

Interviewer: India is a Secular or Hindu Country?

His Opinion: Rather India is a spiritual country, he replied.

Interviewer: Which political party is responsible for corruption?

His Opinion: According to him, every party has both good and bad people. But from his personal experience, he found Congress as they have spent a great deal of time in power.

Interviewer: Do you any direct connection with Political parties?

His opinion: As he mentioned, he has three lists of demands. Whosoever wants to work with should have to come upon these conditions.

Interviewer: Will Baba Ramdev will enter politics ever?

His opinion: he replied with a simple "NO". Even he said it's already a closed door.

His Opinion on Yoga - collected from an interview, given back on  4th June 2011

Interviewer: Don't you think you're using a weak weapon to clean the system?

His opinion: He believes Yoga is a reform process and heals spiritually rather than physically. He also mentioned how he manages to get 10 billion volunteers through Baba Ramdev Yoga session.   

Interviewer: What do the volunteers do?

His opinion: The volunteers physically visit rural areas and develop health awareness among people by teaching Yoga and make them understand the importance o fitness of the body.  Basically, Baba Ramdev Yoga sessions are just an excuse to reach them and train them honesty, the discipline of life and make them self-confident.

Interviewer: As we're now a public figure, a spiritual Guru indeed, would you like to share your views on Religious conversions?

His opinion: He said he believed more in conversion instead of their religion. This is quite a complex issue and he doesn't support the issues both directly or indirectly. He mentioned the Graham Staines story and told his strict standing against violence in the name of religion.

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