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What Is Military Diet? Shopping List, Diet, Recipe,Plan Etc.

The military diet is a set of routine diet for weight loss. According to our research people loves the plan as they don't need to buy expensive books, food, or supplement to begin with the military diet. Most of the foods under the military diet shopping list come under our regular grocery items. Further can be achieved from nearby grocery shops or you can place the order online.

What is Military diet? The Definition

Basically, a low-calorie diet where people needs to restrict their diet for 3 days in a week and returns to a regular diet afterward.

In the first phase(1st 3 days of the week), diets are low in calorie as in between 1100 up to 1400 calories. Generally, the diet is low in fat, carbs and high in protein, a combination of food that increases metabolism and enforces the fat burn.   

Note that the diet has no connection with the Military as per the diet's name. Whether in this article we'll try to figure out the fact whether the Military diet plan is effective or not in a weight loss program!!!

How the military diet works? The Theory

Unfortunately, people often found to misunderstand the concept of the military diet though they strictly follow the fixed routine low-calorie diet in the 1st phase ( 1st 3 days of the week). But the confusion arises in the second phase of the diet( the next 4 days of the week). Here, by saying regular diet doesn't mean the freedom to eat any junk. Even here regular diet means the number of calories an adult requires each day to survive. For example, an average male requires about approximately 2300-2400 calories per day. So, in the second phase, you are allowed to intake as many calories required by your body according to your current age, sex, height, and weight, etc. Here note, the number of calories might vary from person to person. To calculate your current calorie requirement online, Click here!!!

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Calculating BMR and Calorie needs - Manual Calculation

Regardless of the method, you're using to set up a weight loss goal it is must to know the daily total calorie needs of the body of an individual. To calculate daily calorie of an individual first we need to calculate the BMR.

BMR or Basal Metabolic rate indicates the requirement of calorie (converts into energy) by a human body while resting. Use following the formula to calculate your current BMR:

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For Adult male, BMR = 66 + (6.3 x body weight in pounds) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x current age in years)
Adult female, BMR = 655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x current age in years)

Now Multiply your current BMR with the activity factor (depends upon your lifestyle) to find the daily calorie needs of an individual's body.

  1. Lifestyle: Not Active (very little or no exercise). Daily Calorie requirement = 1.2(activity factor) x BMR.
  2. Lifestyle: Active (Somehow active or spend 1-3 days in sports or physical activities per week ). Daily Calorie requirement = 1.375(activity factor) x BMR.
  3. Lifestyle: Moderately Active (Active or spend 3-5 days in sports or physical activities per week ). Daily Calorie requirement = 1.55(activity factor) x BMR.
  4. Lifestyle: Highly Active (Very active or spend 6-7 days in sports or physical activities per week ). Daily Calorie requirement = 1.725(activity factor) x BMR.
  5. Lifestyle: Extensively Active (Athlete or takes 2 sessions of physical training either in the profession that has intensive physical involvement ). Daily Calorie requirement = 1.9(activity factor) x BMR.

Military Diet - The Meal Plan

So far so good, at this point, you should've had gathered enough idea on the Military diet and its calculation. Now it's time to understand the Meal plan. Generally, the Military Diet is divided into 2 major phase - the first 3 days of the week (1st phase) & the end 4 days of the week (2nd phase). In the following section, we'll discuss the meal plan for the 1st phase by day. As the 2nd phase is more of a regular healthy diet so we'll simply ignore that phase. In general, 1 phase is divided into 3 small low-calorie meals per day strategy. Note: No snacks are allowed during under the Military diet plan. 

Military Diet - Phase: 01 Day: 01 (approximately 1400 calories)


Start your day with a cup of dark coffee, one piece of whole grain bread, and half of a grapefruit. People with a problem to swallow dry toast may enjoy 2 tablespoon peanut butter (Suger free and salt-free) with the bread. Instead of grapefruit, you can also include Banana as an option.



At midday enjoy a half cup tuna(protein) with 1 piece toast(carbohydrate) to fuel your body rest of the day. After lunch, a cup of black coffee or tea would be great as a refreshment drink.

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3-ounces of any meat with a cup of bean will help you to suppress the hunger overnight. Surprise surprise !!! We know how people crave for a midnight snack during the diet. So, make sure to add a half banana and one small apple to full your appetite. Now tell me who doesn't like to have a cup of vanilla ice cream as dessert after dinner.

Shopping list for Military Diet

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 Military Diet - Phase;01 Day:02 (approximately 1200 calories)

As you've already gone through the Day 01 here we're keeping it short. Following is the list of Military Diet plan for Day: 02. However, I don't know that you've noticed or not we're about 200 calories down here from the Day: 01.


Toast - serving amount - 1 slice
Hard-boiled egg - serving amount - 1
Banana - serving amount - 1/2 or Half
Optional - Coffee or Tea - serving amount - 1 cup


Hard-boiled egg - serving amount - 1
Cottage Cheese - serving amount - 1 cup
Saltine crackers - 5 pcs
Optional - Coffee or Tea - serving amount - 1 cup


Hot dogs (no bun) - serving amount - 2
Carrot - serving amount - 1/2 or Half cup
Broccoli - serving amount - 1/2 or Half cup
Banana - serving amount - 1/2 or Half
Vanilla ice cream - serving amount - 1/2 or Half cup

More on the Shopping list of Military Diet

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Military Diet - Phase: 01 Day:03 (approximately 1100 calories)


Cottage Cheese - serving amount - 1 ounce or 1 slice
Saltine crackers - 5 pcs
Banana - serving amount - 1(serving size: small)
Optional - Coffee or Tea - serving amount - 1 cup


Toast - serving amount - 1 slice
Cooked egg - serving amount - 1
Optional - Coffee or Tea - serving amount - 1 cup


Tuna - serving amount - 1 cup
Banana - serving amount - 1/2 or Half
Vanilla ice cream - serving amount - 1 cup
Drink as much water as you can and you can add more cups healthy beverages such as Green tea or Coffe. But remember it does not mean a free pass for adding calories by adding sugar or cream. However, the patients of Insomnia is not suggested to intake caffeine after midday or so on for the better sleeping experience. In that case, green tea would be a great solution for them.

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Military Diet Phase: 02 the remaining 4 days

In the remaining 4 days of the week, there is no restriction in food groups. But it is recommended to minimize the size of per serving. Though it's optional yet keeping the remaining 4 days diet under 1500 calories can boost the weight loss to a great extent.

So there is no rule in the remaining 4 days instead read our following article to burn some extra calories and build strong muscle groups.


Misconceptions about Dieting - Dieting Vs Fasting

Most people have a common misconception about weight loss diet plans and they assume dieting as fasting. But truly speaking, fasting reduces the speed of weight loss. How? Because it causes starvation. Starvation is a process where the body starts to conserve energy by reducing the calorie burn. As a result, to protect the body from starvation our biomechanical system slows down the metabolism to reduce calorie burn. So ultimately, slower metabolism also slows the weight loss process.

So not only the Military diet plan but also every dieting plan recommends a small portion of food in short intervals over fasting.

In a word, Dieting discourages fasting which has a negative impact on the human body. Not only in the weight loss process but also a reason for symptoms like muscle loss.

Does Military Diet work really or a Myth? 

Actually, weight loss has a direct concern with fat loss. Because of proper dieting or low-calorie diets such as Military diet (1100 -1400 calories on average) fills the calorie deficiency by burning fats and converting them into energy. As a result, it is natural to lose weight in the Military diet. Further, there is nothing surprising if you lose a few pounds over the week.   

Though some experts claim that the diet has certain advantages on weight loss due to the combination of food but unfortunately there is no valid evidence found behind the claim. Also, no such evidence found on increased metabolism of the human body due to following Military diet.     

However, drinks such as tea or coffee might increase the metabolism somewhat but there is no food combination has found upon research to increase the metabolism and fat loss rate. Click here to learn more. If you look deep inside the food list above, you don't find the meal plan as a fat burning tool. 

From the basics, we know that foods high in protein and low in carbs help to increase the metabolism of the human body. Now by going through the Military diet, we've found that most the foods are included are low protein and high carb foods. Truly speaking few people also claims that the Military diet has a similar impact as intermittent fasting but the truth is Military diet doesn't involve any kind of fasting.

Bottom Line
So the key is whatever diet you took that has to be low in calories to create a deficiency of calories inside the human body. For example, in the Phase: 01 we've have created about an average of 3000 calories deficiency in the first 3 days of the plan. Remember an average person requires 2000-2400 calories in 24 hours to function properly. In the second phase, if we eat regular foods means to limit the calorie intake inside our daily requirement we'll remain calorie deficient at the end of the week.
So, the bottom line is that the Military Diet works in weight loss in quick succession. But is not the only diet or best diet or the only way to follow for weight loss that has a longer impact. Exceeding your limit on calories according to personal BMI & BMR can conclude the process with weight gain.       

So why the Military diet is so popular?

Firstly the dieters loved the diet due to its simplicity. As we've mentioned most of the meal can be getable from your nearest grocery shop or many of them you can order online using our shopping list.   

Secondly, the meals are easy to prepare and require no calorie counting. Further, the foods are inexpensive and don't require any expensive food supplements.

Can you really reduce about 10 pounds in a week?

The answer is yes in some case. Most people lose water weight due to calorie restrictions and fewer fat loss. Further, the Military diet found much effective on obese people due to a drop in Glycogen store of the body. Generally, it happens due to carbohydrate and calorie deficiency.

Though it is possible to lose 10 pounds in a week to some extent. But in most cases, the water weight will be regained start eating vigorously by crossing the daily calorie requirement.


We always recommend a healthy diet with proper exercise to maintain weight and fitness for longer period of time. So, eating low fat, high protein diets with regular training and activities is the permanent way to lose fat or lose weight for a longer extent. Because calorie deficiency can be also achieved by combining proper diet with fat burning activities or intensive regular exercises. Further, in this way, you'll lose weight by burning fat along with the water weight by the same time achieving fitness of the body.

Read to this following article to lose weight permanently by making simple changes in our regular lifestyle.


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