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What Is Body Mass Index - The Bmi Chart & Weight Loss

Body Mass Index indicates healthy weight among adult men and women. And it is calculated upon using data such as gender, age, height, and weight, etc. Further tallied against the BMI chart to determine health risk depending upon the BMI score.

According to WebMD, Your BMI is based on your height and weight. It's one way to see if you're at a healthy weight.

bmi chart
Calculate your BMI Chart now for maintaining a healthy weight to enjoy life in full potential !!! 
Simply there is no such weight that is perfect for everyone. So, BMI is a process of calculation to calculate a healthy weight based on any person's height and age.

To Calculate your BMI first we need to calculate our current bodyweight and following are some best selling bathroom scales we've picked for our blog readers to stay fit by losing weight!!!

How to calculate BODY MASS INDEX? - BMI

To learn more about BMI calculation, read this article - How to make a Body Weight Chart? - Calculating BMI. Either you can use this online calculator from NHS - Know BMI, Target weight, Calorie requirement upon BMI score to lose or gain weight, United Kingdom, to calculate your BMI including a general report on health risk depending on your current weight. Further, the BODY MASS INDEX refers to 4 specific conditions depending upon the height & weight. They're underweight, healthy weight, overweight and obese. So, if you're an adult man or woman(not pregnant), you're eligible to calculate BMI. Now for our readers, simply keep reading this article to find out the use of BMI number and how it connects weight loss?

More smart tools  to calculate your BMI picked by us:

An exception to Healthy weight each condition indicates different health risks. In the United States, BMI is often used as a tool to calculate underweight specifically for those persons have had eating disorders such as BULIMIA NERVOSA and ANOREXIA NERVOSA.

What is the BMI Chart?

The BMI Chart is a table which determines the health risk upon tallying against the calculated BMI. The following table indicates a BMI chart:

BMI in kg/m2
Normal Range
Overweight - I
At Risk
Overweight - II
Moderately Obese
Overweight - II
Severely Obese

According to the above BMI chart, anything below 18.5 is considered unhealthy. Similarly, people with Higher BMI, anything over number 23 is under major health risk. There are 3 stages of the Overweight category and they are sorted against the health risk using the BMI score.

BMI Chart Variation & Characteristics

The BMI chart might vary among people with different ethnicity, geographical location, and overall lifestyle.  Because of the difference in the cutoff point, percentage of body fat, health risks such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, etc. the BMI chart varies for different locations. Even the cutoff point of overweight might vary depending on location and already observed differently both in Europe and Asia. Note: According to the WHO the standard cutoff point of overweight is 25kg/meter-sqr.

Legislation & BMI Chart

Though it sounds a bit funny, there is a ban on using models of BMI under 18-18.5 in fashion shows in countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Israel, etc. This is a movement against the anorexia among models and people with similar interest.   

BMI Chart - A tool to weight loss 

As you've already discovered that you're overweight. Now your very first concern should be to lose some weight in an easy way and obviously spending a minimum time. Because obese people are on the cards of chronic health risk such as Type 2 Diabetes up to different cancers. Read the following article to learn more about the impact of being overweight on health and lose about 2 pounds per week - How much weight can you lose in a week? by simply picking one of the ideas we've shared with readers. Here all you need to make some changes in food habits and regular lifestyle to see the difference in weeks.

So in the weight loss program, the BMI can be a great tool to use for tracking your weight loss progress. You should have understood what I meant but if not then simply use the above BMI Chart tally against your BMI Score to determine health condition.

For example, Your BMI scores 23 and now we can see that in BMI chart 23 is borderline between the normal weight and overweight condition. So, all you need to do is to maintain the weight to stay fit. Firstly you need to visit a nutritionist to consult about your daily calorie intake to maintain the same weight or maybe lose a pound to stay on the safe side.  Request your doctor to suggest or prescribe Healthy Food Chart to maintain the current weight and keep your BMI under the range of 18.5 to 23(normal weight).

Similarly, for training, you can join a nearby health club or hire a physical or virtual(DVDs, Internet, etc.) fitness trainer to make a balance between diet and activity.

Set your Goal with BMI chart

Remember underweight is same bad as being overweight. So use our online calculator mentioned above to find your normal range of body weight. Now we have our goal to reach in front of us that is our healthy weight range. For example, my range is from 72 to 83 Kgs means I need to be under this specific range of body weight to a healthy lifestyle. So now we have a BMI score, a weight range, and learn how much calorie we need to take to gain or lose weight. So, what are you waiting for make a fitness goal today to live a stronger and healthy life?   

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However, remember weight loss doesn't mean fasting nor extreme workout. It's more of a balanced diet and regular exercise. In this case, the BMI chart will help you to determine your target weight and daily calorie intake. Though you can use an online calculator to determine the value expert consultancy is always recommended by us before jumping into a diet or any other workout plans.

That's it for today and see you soon with more such fitness topic in upcoming weeks. So, keep reading our blog and subscribe, like, and share for creating concern among people about the importance of fitness of the body.

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