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Yoga was introduced in the West by Swami Vivekananda in the 1800s. Even it is believed that he was the first man to introduce the western world with the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and the Yoga benefits. In 1893 he made a presentation in Chicago at World Parliament of Religions on the ancient concept of body, spirit, and mind. Due to his mesmerizing speech oPoga benefits and Indian philosophy, the Yoga found the ground under feet for the first time in the first world countries.

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Today with the extensive research and practice around the world, we've come to know about many yoga benefits on the human body and mind. Even Yoga has medically proven records of improving health conditions for many patients around the world. Not only yoga has the quality to reduce the stress level but also improves the fitness of the body. For example, helps to reduce weight, improves digestion, build muscles, controls blood pressure and diabetes, etc. Even it is believed that with proper medication Yoga can cure critical medical conditions such as blocked arteries or impotence etc..

yoga benefits
Yoga Benefits on Sexual Performance!!

Yoga benefits - Do Yoga Improve Sexlife?

Definitely, Yes!!! Now the question is How? First of all, Yoga does magic in bed. As we've already mentioned that Yoga has all the benefits including physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Also practicing Yoga on a regular basis makes the balance in the human body. Now, if today you ask any doctor about the main causes of impotence or diseases like Erectile Dysfunction? Along with other physical conditions, they'll surely highlight the depression, stress, and anxiety as the main causes behind ED or any kind of impotence. Believe me or not even in this era of medical technology we don't have any permanent and natural medical solutions for ED. And here comes the activities like Yoga that claims 100% cure from diseases like ED or impotence by combining natural medications with regular practice of different poses.

Sexual Benefits of Yoga

According to a medical study, Yoga has a direct impact on sexual life and overall bed performance for both men and women. Overall Yoga tones body, control weight, increase stamina and energy, etc. As a result, people experience the desired arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction during intercourse.

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Following is a list of top Yoga benefits on Sex life:

  • Helps to increase flexibility. Say yes to Kamasutra.
  • Maintain a healthy body which increases confidence and attract the opposite sex.
  • Removes anxiety and increase self-esteem.
  • Also helps to increase libido.
  • Cures diseases like phycological ED and using proper medication along with regular practice can sure any type of importance in both men and women.
  • Yoga provides blood flow into the major genital and brain organs. Suddenly that strengthen the organs, reproduce sensation, libido and as a result, people find them stronger and charged in bed.

Yoga benefits - The top poses for better performance in bed

Pose Name: Cat and Cow Pose

Name in Sanskrit: Marjaiasana

How to perform the Cat and Cow Pose?

Yoga benefits of the Cat and Cow Pose?

The movements during the Yoga pose helps to tone the hip and pelvis, muscle group. Further, increase blood flow in the genital area and strengthen the muscles that boost the overall sexual performance.  

Pose Name: Bridge Pose

Name in Sanskrit: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

How to perform the Bridge Pose?

Yoga benefits of the Bridge Pose?

Bridge pose strengthens the pelvic floor muscle. Suddenly these muscles reduce pain during sex. Stronger pelvic muscles ensure longer performance.

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Pose Name: Bound Angle Pose

Name in Sanskrit: Baddha Konasana

How to perform the Bound Angle Pose?

Yoga benefits of the Bound Angle Pose?

People have symptoms of lower libido can take benefits from the position. However, the pose opens the hips and stretches the inner thigh that provides intimate sensation to the body.

Further, the pose instantly increases the blood flow in the pelvic muscle group that improves vitality and energy level. More blood circulation in sexual organ gives arousal.

Pose Name: Downward Dog Pose

Name in Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana

How to perform the Downward Dog Pose?

Yoga benefits of the Downward Dog Pose?

The pose helps to relax the mind and energize the body and soul. Basically, the main weapon to fight against mental sexual disability. However, the pose helps in muscle toning and also boost confidence in bed.

On the other hand, while doing the pose by lifting butt you'll feel sexier. Hope you get, what I've meant? Downward Dog reduces muscle tension of back and improves the overall fitness of the body.

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Pose Name: Pigeon Pose

Name in Sanskrit: Pada Rajakapotasana

How to perform the Pigeon Pose?

Yoga benefits of the Pigeon Pose?

Feel the calmness and release the deep tension of your hips by doing the pose. Basically, the pose develops the ability to create a sense of sexual intimacy with the partner. 

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