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How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Week?

How much weight can you lose in a week? The answer is it is possible to reduce about 1-2 pounds a week.  Though people always want to reduce weight in a faster way. But according to the physicians losing weight gradually and steadily which is 1 to 2 pounds per week is healthy and proven successful for many individuals.  Shortcut to shred or faster way to fat loss is more off exercise habits and changes have been made by individuals in their daily lifestyle. Neither a diet plan nor an exercise program.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Necessity

Now before moving any further, it is necessary to discuss the problems may arise for someone being an overweight person. Furthermore, the problems can be ordinary to severe such as cancer. For example, obesity might cause ordinary symptoms such as sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatigue, etc. In worst cases, obesity leads to diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver, kidney symptoms, and on max up to cancer. So, undoubtedly to lead a life with full potential there is no option to retain ideal weight.

how much weight can you lose in a week

For more details on the health risk related to obesity read this article by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Ideal weight

Ideal weight can be obtained easily by making easy calculations and tallying against the Body Mass Index. Use the following button to read our previous article for details on Ideal weight calculation.

By reading the above article I believe you have learned, how to calculate Ideal weight? and the advantages of retaining Ideal weight. 

How much weight can you lose in a week? - The Commitment

In most cases, people start an extreme diet or exercise program which last up to the week or two until unless we cheat due to hunger or pain of exercise. As we see often in fitness commercials the weight loss is not that easy. Even it requires determination and consistency. By simply changing into healthy food habits along with moderate activities around the week, for example, 60-90 minutes brisk walking is proven more successful compared to the intensive workout plans or extreme diet plans. So if you're committed to losing weight in quick succession 1-2 pounds per week keep reading this article for some of the best tips on weight loss. 

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Calorie Deficit

The theory is simple to burn more than you consume. According to our research, to lose 1 pound in over a period of a week we need to shortfall approximately 3500 calories in total per week. It means 500 calories per day. Likewise, for losing 2 pounds, 3500x2 = about total calorie deficit of 7000 calories per week.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Calculation

As we've already had an idea about calculating BMI and the importance of body weight chart to lose weight in an efficient way. Today we'll discuss the term, BMR stands Basal Metabolic Rate. Means the number of calories our requires to accomplish basic functions of survival. For example, breathing. Calculating BMR is essential to determine the regular calorie deficiency and progress of weight loss program. Before calculating BMR we need to determine our body weight and height. Following are my top picked devices from Amazon to track your body weight and height on a regular basis.

Calculating BMR

The Harris-Benedict Equation for calculating BMR

For Men:

BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x Weight(KGs)) + (4.799 x Height(CM)) - (5.677 x Age(Years))

For Women:

BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x Weight (KGs)) + (3.098 x x Height(CM)) - (4.330 x Age(Years))

How much weight can you lose in a week? - remain 1000 calories deficit in weekdays - Strategy 01

At the very beginning of a weight loss program, start your day by swapping breakfast (approximately 250 calories) and mid-morning snack (approximately 150 calories) with healthy drinks such as green juice. These highly nutritious fluids can reduce your calorie intake by 50 %. As on an average, these juices contain about 100 calories each. So, you're about 200 calories deficit by the evening.

You can easily find these healthy drinks from your nearest stores or you can order online from the following healthy and nutritious juice we've picked from Amazon.

For reaching 500 calories deficit at the end of day 1, take a walk before dinner for about 30 to 45 mins every day. On an average, evening walk(for 45 mins) helps to burn approximately 300 calories per day. Moreover, it also promotes better sleeping, helps digestion, increases blood circulation and fight anxiety, etc. Congrats we've already 500 calories deficit before we are going to take our dinner. By following this simple routine we can lose about 1 pound per week.

Now if we want to be 1000 calories deficit by the end of Day 1, skipping starch can be helpful. All you have to quit potatoes at lunch and dinner. Means no french fries at lunch or jacket potatoes at dinner. Though a baked potato only consists and may provide 150-200 calories in total. But the toppings we use are consists of several 100s of calories behind the sight. Believe it or not, simply quitting starch can help us to reach the 1000 calories deficit milestone per day.   

How much weight can you lose in a week? - remain 1000 calories deficit in weekdays - Strategy 02

Go to the gym every day. Though the words are simple to say but unfortunately maintaining the motivation to hit the gym on a regular basis is quite an impossible task. To motivate yourself pick a suitable time such as you can pick a time when your favorite TV soap comes on-air. In 45-60 mins session of lifting it is easy to burn about 300 calories during your favorite show reaches climax. If you have budget and space make a small gym in the house, it really worths and left you with no excuses for not doing daily exercise.

Along with daily workout, quitting sugar in drinks like tea or juice and sweets we can add another 200 calorie shortage in our daily intake. So, in this way, we can also reach our milestone of 500 calories deficiency every day.

Similarly, for 1000 calories deficiency per day replace the bread of your sandwich with healthy greens like lettuce. Few other options such as cucumber can be included instead of bread. By replacing bread and Mayo with healthy greens we can avoid 250 calories from lunch.

Simply by increasing the speed or incline on the treadmill helps to burn about 250 calories on an average 45 mins cardio session.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - remain 1000 calories deficit in weekdays - Strategy 03

Deceiving your brain is the key to weight loss. If you are feeling bored with walking on treadmills or going to the gym and needs a break. To forget all pains turn your physical activities into recreations. Turn out your outings in to exercise. A brisk walk of one hour with your pet in the evening will help you to burn 250 calories.

I love desserts even most of us. After dinner, I  was love to have a bowl of ice-cream. But as soon as I have been in a weight loss program now I have replaced my dessert with Taffe apple. I combine 60 calories sugar-free Caramel with 80 calories crisp apple. This apple dessert helps me to cut 300 calories from my dessert. Now if you add the numbers we've already exceed the 500 calorie deficit per day target.

Now to deficit 1000 calories go to a nearby park or beach to enjoy parcourse workout. Furthermore, these trail activities burn calories while helping to build strong muscles.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - remain 1000 calories deficit in weekends - Strategy 04

Outing and get to gathers are an open enemy of dieting. But we're social animals and it's important to meet people physically out of the virtual world. Moreover, weekend meetup also helps to relieve stress, fights against fatigue and anxiety, etc. Go for trekking, cycling, or swimming with friends. Also, no would not mind playing beach volleyball or sports like football. But don't forget to carry your pot of salad and healthy beverages. If you follow the diet along with recreational activities mentioned above you will become 500 calories deficit by the evening.

To double the deficiency spend some time on the dance floor which helps you to burn about 250 calories in 30 mins. Quit drinking forever with many other health benefits you can avoid up to 250-300 calories on an average. Finally, take a healthy dinner and go to sleep. Because we've already avoided 1000 calories from our daily intake by enjoying the weekend.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Household chores and regular activities - Strategy 05

Till now by reading different strategies you should have some idea that by counting each calorie and burning through activities, for example, walking 5km per day are the key to remain 500 calories deficit per day. This goal can be achieved simply doing Household chores, cleaning the floor, walk to the office, walk to the home, playing with pets or your kids, etc. To keep your activities you might need a gadget or activity monitor to count upon your progress and for making changes in diet and weight loss programs. We collected some best activity monitors from Amazon for your consideration either you can use the search bar to find one suitable.

To reach the target of 1000 calories deficit everyday increase your activity around the day. Cleaning your pool and may be floor or staircase in bare hands, washing clothes or car it can be anything the needs an extra effort can help you to remain calorie deficit. In the evening or morning take an interval walk workout to reach the ultimate target.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Drink water & use the stair to lose weight - Strategy 06

Replace all of the beverages with water. Water has natural properties that boost weight loss. Drinking 4 liters of water daily helps to reduce weight naturally. Furthermore, Beverages like soda, juices with added sugar, etc. enhance weight gain and fat. Even some of these beverages contain few hundreds of calories in a single serving. Instead of such beverages drink more fluids like plain water, coconut water, green tea, and black coffee has proven records to help to reduce weight. If you take 3 bottles of such beverage on a daily basis, cutting these 3 bottles will help you to remain a deficit of 500 calories at the end of the day. Pick your favorite beverage from below or use the search bar to find yours.

To burn more and hit the 1000 calories milestone - use the staircase instead of the lift. However, you can take the stair climbing workout. by the way, the workout doesn't require to hit the gym. Take long intervals and hit your home staircase for 7-10 mins until you complete 60 minutes session around the day. High-intensity low interval training has proven record in weight loss.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - Replacing Snacks with Smoothies  - Strategy 07

Snacks promote weight gain in most cases because we have taken the wrong meaning of it. For us, snacks are french fries, chips, popcorns, and every other fast-foods or junk is available out there in the market. Sometimes these snacks react as party spoilers mostly highly decorated and finished with rich fat sources such as Mayo, butter and cheese, etc. First of all, if you can just quit the snack or replace the snacks with green smoothies or high fiber food such as fresh fruits. Believe me, healthy snacks can be a great source of daily energy supply for workout and helps to deficit 500 calories per day to lose 1 pound per week. Following are some top products from Amazon that you can pick as a snack or make your own smoothy at home.

You might not like intensive workout many other people doesn't. In such a case, divide your workouts into 2 long sessions(60 mins each) to burn extra 500 calories and reach the milestone of 1000 calories deficit per day.

How much weight can you lose in a week? - The hidden Gem - HIIT

In the last few years, High-Intensity Interval Training becomes popular because of its success rate in weight loss program. Instead of long sessions attempt shorter but highly intensive sessions, for example, 5 mins each total of 4 sets of High Intensive exercise helps to burn 400 calories in 20 mins. Attempting 2 sessions one in the morning and another in the evening can help us to burn 1000 calories sparing only 50 mins every day. 

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