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Today, what is the faster way to fat loss or Shortcut to Shred?, is the most frequently asked question on the Internet. It clearly shows that how people are tensed with their obesity and curious to know about the shortcut to shred the body fat. As of my introduction, I am a Fitness author and want to share my experience of losing 17 kgs in near about 3 months by following the tricks mentioned below. Even the each and every formula I have used including diet, exercises, and instruments for effective results in a shorter period of time.

The Secret of Shortcut to shred is hidden intentionally by us so you read the whole article because every tip is as important as others towards fat loss.

shortcut to shred
Cardio the faster way to fat loss and a shortcut to shred!!!

1. Shortcut to shred -  Diet

From Biology 101, we know that the human body needs a certain amount of calories to function as a fuel. Further, the amount of calorie intake varies from man to man depending on their daily activities, gender, height, and weight, etc. For example, naturally, a plumber needs extra calories an accountant because of their profession. As a plumber's job is more physically intensive than an accountant. Now we'll share the top tricks of the faster way to fat loss and the shortcut to shred by ensuring proper diet according to body type.

Shortcut to Shred - Calculation

Now, the first question might rise is, How to calculate the daily calories intake? As we've already mentioned that calorie always differs from person to person and needs separate calculation. In this case, our first recommendation is to take an expert opinion by consulting a nutritionist. But with the help of modern technology and the internet, we can simply calculate our daily calorie need using free mobile apps or free online calculators. In most cases, all we need to input our age, gender, and current weight to calculate the total body fat and How much calories we can consume on a daily basis? Also, some advanced calculators or apps even also helps to set body weight goals and how much calories you need to burn every day to reach your target body weight.

Include more water or juices with a high level of potassium. Coconut water or Green tea can be a good example of such a drink. Water repairs muscle tissues, burn fat, suppress appetite and detox body, etc.

Give a shot to Intermittent Fasting. And this one of the secrets of a faster way to fat loss and shortcut to shred. Keep going for revealing all secrets.   

So, the formula or the faster way to fat loss or short cut to shred is consuming fewer calories than you spend. Proper diet is a faster way to fat loss. To boost your fat loss program you might use the following fat loss supplements picked from Amazon according to their popularity and success rate!!


Shortcut to Shred - High Protein 

I know it's hard to believe that eating barbecue chickens is a faster way to fat loss or shortcut to shred. But it's a proven fact that consuming high proteins that come from Chicken Breast or similar foods increase the metabolism. Even these foods lower the risk of belly fat. Surprisingly, high-protein diets also help to preserve muscle mass during the weight loss program. Also, it helps to reduce the appetite so people feel less hungry which is a shortcut to shred.

Now the question is do we're getting enough protein from our regular foods? Unfortunately, in this busy world, we don't have enough time to cook for ourselves. And protein deficiency can be a cause of major symptoms such as muscle loss or weakness. In such a case, the following protein supplements from Amazon can meet out the daily protein requirement to enforce fat loss.

Shortcut to Shred - Vinegar the tonic

Vinegar works as a health tonic for obesity. Adding vinegar in your beverages such as water is the faster way to fat loss and your shortcut to shred. Vinegar improves the heart condition, reduces blood sugar, and speed up the fat burn process.

According to some nutritionist, taking 15-30 ml of vinegar or 1-2 tablespoons over a 12 weeks period can help to burn fat and leans the waistline. 

Further vinegar reduces appetite. According to a study it gives feelings of fullness. People drink apple cider on a regular basis has been reported to have 275 calories less from their daily need naturally. If you feel bad to drink apple cider directly by cutting spoon than you can also mix the prescribed amount with food or water.

Shortcut to Shred - Healthy Fats

Haha!!! are you thinking of  How fats can be healthy? Though the title is surprising but still eating healthy fats are also a shortcut to shred and a faster way to fat loss. First of all, fat takes a longer time to digest which gives the feel of full appetite for a longer period of time. So, you eat less!!! Instead of soyabean oil in foods if we use almond oil or coconut oil it'll help to reduce the belly fat. Also, the nuts, avocado, seeds are the good natural sources of healthy fats.

Shortcut to Shred - Healthier Beverages

We're very habituated of the Beverages such as CocaCola.  unfortunately, these beverages have less nutritional value and full of soda and sweeteners which causes obesity. Switching to healthier drinks and beverages is one of the shortcuts to shred and a faster way to fat loss.

Alcoholic drinks also promote weight gain as they are full of sweaters. In such a case, drinking healthy beverages such as Green tea can be the ultimate option to switch in. According to a study green tea even boost the fat loss program up to 12% in 12 weeks of time.

Shortcut to Shred - High Fiver Foods

High fiver foods absorb more water and make the digestion slower that gives the feeling of full appetite for a longer period. Replacing carbohydrates with Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, etc. is the faster way to fat loss. They are full of high-value fibers and a shortcut to shred. 

Shortcut to Shred - Avoid Refined Carbs

Totally avoid the refined Carbohydrates because they're stripped of the bran and germ before served into the market. As a result, they become less in fiber and healthy nutrients. Even full of glycemic particles that increases hunger. 

According to the study, the people habituated in refined grains tend to have belly fat and have a lower immune system. In contrast, people eat whole grain products are less obese and rarely visits a doctor.

Shortcut to Shred - Increase Coffe

Caffeine the major ingredient found in coffee stimulates our central nervous system and increase metabolism. As a result, the system boosts the breaks down the rate of fatty acids which is a shortcut to shred.  

To make coffee as a faster way to fat loss avoid or skip the cream and sugar. If possible consume black or raw either a little milk for taste.

Shortcut to Shred - Add Probiotics

The bacteria play an important role in the human digestion system and some of them are essential for leading a healthy life. Even from mental health to the immunity system they control everything. So, taking probiotics in the form of foods or supplements can boost the performance digestion system which helps to burn body fat and keeps the weight under control. 

As of our busy schedule, taking supplements is a quick and the easiest way to fill the quota of probiotics what we hardly get from daily food intake.  

Shortcut to Shred - Add Iron

Iron deficiency is the main cause of symptoms such as Thyroid health. The thyroid is a tiny gland in neck controls the secret hormone which controls metabolism. Furthermore, Hypothyroidism or decreased thyroid can cause conditions such as weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and weight gain, etc.

Unfortunately, we miss a certain amount of Iron in our regular diet. To recover add more meat, poultry, seafood, fortified grains and cereals, leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, and beans, etc. in your regular dietary plan.

2. Shortcut to shred - Training

As we've already discussed how we can boost the fat loss program with a proper healthy diet? In the second part of this article, we'll focus on workouts that promote Shortcut to Shred. Because fat loss is a combination of a healthy diet plus proper training. So, regular exercising is one of the faster ways to fat loss.


Hiring a trainer is important to get optimum results, especially for the people, wants to do it at home. The trainer keeps the motivation up, show you the right posture of exercises for effectiveness and optimum results on fat loss. Moreover, you need a program to follow and only an expert can design a fitness program according to your body type. Further this the secret we've talked about at the very beginning.

Though it's not possible for everyone to hire a personal trainer or hit the GYM on a regular basis due to their busy schedule. For those people, the following trainers want to train you for the lifetime for less than $100. Pick any of Amazon's best selling fitness trainer DVDs for the best fat loss results. Rock the beach this summer with friends with the help of worlds best fitness trainers. 


How to Start off?

In general, the group of activities that pumps up the heart, increase blood flood, and ends in sweat is called exercise. Exercise can be anything, for example,  dancing, jogging, brisk walking, climbing, cycling, etc. But this definition is more of a simple answer for the understanding of beginners in the shortcut to shred. But to achieve optimum results exercise or weight loss is a more of a science of the body.

Simply you can sign up for a gym or trainer to start off the workout but still, the timing is a huge issue. Going to the GYM and get back to home takes a lot of time, money and determination. Though we always recommend exercise under the expert observation today we'll show you that with only determination you can also achieve the same result in the home.

What I will need to make a Home GYM?

Truly speaking a Home GYM can be made with some simple equipment. All you need enough space it can be your yard, lawn or anywhere. Just make sure the room is a clean and proper supply of light and oxygen is available. Either you might feel exhausted.

List of Equipment:

The following list is an idea only. There are 100s of freehand options available, to begin with, all you need search free hand exercise using the internet.

1. Safety Guards - Matt, Sports shoes, Gloves, Back support belt, etc.
2. Instruments - Exercise Ball, Dumbells, Barbels, and bench, etc.
3. Stand - Push bar & Pull up bar, etc.
4. Advanced Equipment - Multi Excercise machine, treadmill, or Cycling machine, etc.
5. Entertainment & Comfort - Television, Music System, or Air Conditioner, etc.

Types of Exercise:

Here we've divided the training into three major parts:

1. Strength training.

2. Cardio. 

3. Rest phase.

Shortcut to Shred - Strength Training

The type of exercises that contract muscles against resistance is called strength training. They're fabulous because they build mass, increase strength and replace muscles with fat. Weight lifting is an ancient way to build core muscle since the great Roman empires.   

So, here is your another key to shortcut to shred. Lifting weight promotes the faster way to fat loss by developing muscle replacing fat. Did you ever hear off about the Visceral Fat? These fats are dangerous to the body and generally develops surrounding your belly area. Strength training has proven record to reduce such fats more effectively than exercise like aerobics.    

Further, the strength training promotes the rate of fat-free mass that boosts the calorie burn while resting and slows the calories to the fat conversion of the body. Strength training can be done in several different ways. For example, body-weight exercises, lifting weights or using gym equipment, etc. 

If you've not had much time to go out for the GYM for strength training in such case you can bring some of the following fitness products to home for training.  We picked these products directly from Amazon counting on their usabilities and build qualities. Check this out now before the offers end!!!  

Shortcut to shred - Do more Cardio

It'll be hard to find such people who do not know the health benefits of walking, swimming or jogging. These form of exercises are known as Cardio. Suddenly beneficial for symptoms like TYpype to diabetes and many other diseases including obesity. Cardio is our another secret of shortcut to shred. Further, Cardio is the most effective proven technique to burn fat in a quick succession of time. That's why your fitness trainer or doctor always prescribe you to take 30-45 mins evening walk on a regular basis to make sure the fitness of the body.

HIIT - High-intensity interval training (the secret training program revealed here)

HIIT is a form of exercise intensive activity following a short recovery period to keep your heart pumping. HIIT is trending like madness these days as an incredibly effective faster way to fat loss and a shortcut to shred. According to our study, men performing HIIT for 20 minutes three times a week will able to lose an average of 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of body fat over a 12-week time period. Even you need to change your lifestyle or food habits to get above-mentioned results.

For example, walking 30 seconds followingly running for next 30 seconds can be a form of HIIT. Also, we can combine strength training with Cardio in HIIT. For example, Cycle for 30 seconds in between exercises like burpees, push-ups or squats with a short interval in between. 

In the modern world, the rate of pollution is increasing with development. Further, in search of a better lifestyle people are gathering into Megacities like NY. Also to arrange accommodation for a large number of population cities are expanding by cutting down nature. Even the roads and public parks are crowded. If you're facing the same issues and have no space to take a walk or jog these following fitness instruments can solve your problem. By using these products you can enjoy cardio in your Home environment. Here are some best quality affordable Cardio instruments from Amazon to purchase right now.


Shortcut to shred - Taking proper rest

Alike of regular workout taking proper resting is important and is a shortcut to shred. At least make sure you're giving your body two days break each week. Because the highly intensive workouts break our tissues and reform them while we're sleeping or taking rest. Proper sleeping promotes healthy hormones into the body which increases blood flow and metabolism. And we've already mentioned how high metabolism boosts fat loss. So, giving proper rest promotes more curves as the new muscle develops in that phase. Who don't like curves?     

As we've already mentioned that sleeping is also a shortcut to shred and a faster way to fat loss. Here are some top sleeping mattresses promote sound sleep and good for health. So, every time you'll wake up, you'll feel fresh with no back or body pain. Here are some top-rated Mattresses from Amazon.

Further, including the stretching workouts in the resting phase to relax and repair your muscle groups. For example, doing yoga in the rest phase relaxes the muscles and brain. Further improves the digestion system and increase blood flow that boosts fat loss.

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