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In our busy work schedule, today we hardly get time to spend on beauty or fitness of the body. Even we don't have time to cook for our self. As a result, we are getting habituated to street foods or junk foods. Often called as Fast food. Because the preparation is much quicker, at least they save the time of the consumer.  Though they are a tasty, luscious, and cheaper solution to meet daily calories. But in reality they are unhealthy and one of the main cause of obesity and different chronical diseases like Type 2 diabetes. Overall both regular exercise and healthy foods are important to maintain physical fitness. Now, you might think the person who doesn't have enough time to cook food, how they spent hours in the GYM to lose weight or stay fit?

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The daily exercise benefits - How to stay fit?

Actually, the misconception we carry in our self is we need to spend hours to remain in shape.  First of all through this idea out of your mind. To take exercise benefits all you need to spend 30 mins on a regular basis 3-5 days a week to stay fit. These 30 mins are might be the time of lunch break or maybe an evening walk from office towards home. We don't discourage to hit GYM but we appreciate consistency over the duration and intensity of the workout.

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1. Exercise Benefits - Weight Lose

The human body is a perfect fit for survival and it requires calories to function. As we eat anything the human body breaks and converts the foods into calories. A regular man requires about 2000 calories to survive on a regular basis. Now if he eats over 2000 calories then the body will reform the calories into fat and store under the skin layer for future survival.

So with proper diet and spending 30 mins in any kind of physical activities can help you to maintain or reduce weight. The basic concept is to not give the body the chance to convert extra calories into fat. Also, regular exercise increases metabolism which is helpful for quick digestion. And higher metabolism enforces weight loss.

Though I am a fitness author, I have very little time to spend in regular exercise. Also due to my profession, the doctor consulted me to do some activities at least for 30 mins in the home. Here are some bodyweight exercise tools from Amazon which can turn your hall as fully equipped GYM.

2. Exercise Benefits - Strong Muscles and Bones

A fit body means strong muscle groups and bones. Doing exercise every day for 30 mins helps the body to absorb Amino Acid which helps strong muscle development. For example with an adequate amount of protein intake if we spend 30 mins in the GYM will make the muscles stronger. Instead of going to the gym we can also do the body weight exercises such as Chin up, Push Up, etc.  at our home. 

High-Intensity Physical activities increase bone density and stronger tight muscle group helps us to avoid injuries are the top regular exercise benefits. Especially people after middle tend to have muscle loss which is the main cause of muscle injuries. 

Furthermore, doing exercise in younger age promotes high bone density and also helps people to fight against symptoms such as Osteoporosis.

3. Exercise Benefits - Mood

In First world countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom due to survival, people have the tendency to work more for better wages. As a result, the stress level is increasing in the same fashion among people with the excess workload. Today, most common diseases and symptoms are results of stress. Such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol,  Blocked Arteries, and Insomnia, etc.

Regular Exercise reduces the stress level in the human body by releasing anti-stress hormones. As a result, the person feels happier and recharged. Further exercise increases self-confidence and will power to do more activities.

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4. Exercise Benefits - Wellness

Among other exercise benefits, the most crucial is regular exercise keeps the doctor away. Further doing regular exercise build strong immunity and protect us from many chronical diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, irregular Blood Pressure, different cancers, and Neurological disorders, etc. 

It reduces the possibility of Cardiac arrest. Further keeps our heart healthy by promoting HDL cholesterol and reducing the LDL cholesterol which makes blood clots in Arteries. However, regular exercise also promotes blood flow in many vital organs such as kidney, liver, heart, and genitals, etc. Heavy breathing during exercise supplies more Oxygen into Brain and release different types of hormones which makes people mindful. Further exercise activates the self-healing system of the body that keeps the doctor away by providing immunity from various diseases. 

5. Exercise Benefits - Better Sleep

Sleeping properly is important to feel energized along the day. It promotes mindfulness and reduces stress level. Daily 8 hours of sleep improves brain function and treat medical conditions such as Insomnia, Anxiety, etc.

Regular exercise promotes better sleep. Further exercise relaxes the brain and releases sleeping hormones for better sleep. Also, while sleeping brain releases anti-stress and anti-anxiety hormones which heal symptoms of depression.  As a result, whenever we wake up from a deep sleep we feel fresh with no pain in the body.

If you have enough space we recommend you to make a small gym inside your home. And with the following multi-station exercise equipment we can workout in each and every muscle group of the body.  Here are few multi-stations with the best price tag and quality from Amazon. 

6. Exercise Benefits - Be a Sex God or Goddess

As we mentioned earlier, the exercise delivers more blood into the vital sexual organs. If you're a man you must know that what we call erection causes due to blood flow in our penis muscle group due to testosterone release from the brain. On the other hand, the estrogen level is similarly important for women. As the particular hormone controls many aspects of feminity such as regular menopause, mood swings, etc. So, more estrogen means more feminine features.

However, as we're talking of better sexual health the visible daily exercise benefits are a strong muscular body for men and a slick and sexy curvy body for women. Because as we mentioned earlier of this section sex is about the proper function of the brain. Further, brain read body with eyes sends the signal to the brain to release hormones. From this example, we can see that feeling intimacy is necessary to have great sex. And I can guarantee as if you start today by spending 30 mins on the exercise we'll see the result within 60 to 90 days. Be more attractive to have more experience is the key!!!

There many sexual benefits we can take by doing regular exercise. Also specially for the men, regular exercise reduces any kind impotence and a great weapon to fight against ED - Erectile Dysfunction. Click here to read more.

8. Exercise Benefits - Recreation & Social benefits

In this era of social media, we spent hours in our latest gadgets while relaxing. We don't discourage you to use social media either we want you to go outside to grab some fresh air. As we have learned that people are social animals. So, sometimes we should act like humans and need to meet people physically. Exercise can be a source of meeting new people or friends and family on a regular basis. 

On the other hand, going for an evening walk with kids or family makes strong relationship bonds. Or simply you can arrange a soccer match among friends. Intensive sports like soccer provides muscle growth, bone density, endurance, and overall its fun to play a football match with the community. So, in such ways exercise can help you to socialize and a source of recreation.

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7. Exercise Benefits - Good for skin

Can you imagine that stress can affect your skin?  Yes, oxidative stress can affect your skin. Now the question is How? In case if our antioxidant produced by bo fails to repair damage due to free radicals in such case body produces Oxidative stress. As a result, the skin got deteriorated and damages the internal structures of skin cells.   

Exercise increases the rate of production of natural Antioxidant of the body and reduces the rate of  Oxidative damage of skin. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it improves blood flow which delays the aging process of the skin.  

8. Exercise Benefits - Reduce Pain

You might say that is wrong as the first day I had visited the GYM I clearly remember that after doing the pullover exercise I cannot open Tshirt smoothly until 2 days. Everybody had ever visited GYM knows the pain of the thigh after doing squat for the first time. But still, I would say in actual physical exercise reduce pain.  Once I have severe pain in my knees especially whenever I woke up I felt exhausting pain to stand from the bed. When I have consulted with a therapist he said this is due to my overweight and suggested me to walk every day for 45 mins. Believe me, from that day I have reduced about 20kgs weight and the pain vanished forever and ever. 

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9. Exercise Benefits - Brain function and Memory

As I have mentioned earlier Brain is the CPU of our body.  Daily Physical exercise improves brain functionality by increasing blood flow and keeps the brain living. So people feel mindfulness as a result one can think better. I will always encourage readers to take exercise benefits to grow in your career. Because a calm brain takes wide decision and exercise helps to reduce stress and overthinking. As a result, people can concentrate and win success in life by maintaining the fitness of the body.  

10. Exercise Benefits - Energy Levels

I think this section is the total sum of other benefits we take from exercise. Because we know by doing exercise we can make our body stronger, sleeps well in the night, and boosting our brain function at the same time. These immediate 3 functions naturally boost the energy level in the human body.

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