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Bodyweight is one of the main element of measurement to achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of many physical symptoms and diseases. Such as Cardiac diseases,  diabetes, high blood pressure, and sometimes different cancers. So, today I'll discuss the importance of bodyweight measurement to achieve fitness goals and usefulness of body weight chart to track fitness progress.
body weight chart
Track your body weight and make a record to achieve the fitness goal - Pixabay

How to make a Body Weight Chart? - What is Ideal weight? 

Though my current weight is 98 kilograms, a few months back my bodyweight was about 112 kilograms. Ultimately, one day I had noticed a shortage of breath and consulted with my home doctor. After all other medical checkups, the doctor prescribed me to lose some weight and advised me to pay a visit after 3 months. Now, it's over 4 months since I have visited him and I do not pay the visit yet as prescribed. Because today I don't feel exhausted by just climbing a 3 steroid building as I did a few months back.  That is my story and keep reading the blog to know about the secret of my weight loss in less than 3 months.

The perfect weight generally calculated against the height is called the Ideal weight. 

Further, the ideal weight may vary from person to person. Even when comparing a 5 feet tall man against a woman for ideal weight shows different results. Although they have the same height still the ideal weight for a woman should be less than a man is a rule of thumb for weight calculation. But there is a different scenario happens in BMI calculation, we'll discuss BMI calculation later in this article. 

How to Calculate Ideal weight? - Am I overweight?

The calculation is quite easy that anyone can calculate their own ideal weight by doing simple mathematics. Only you have to know your current body weight and height.

Following is the easiest formula to calculate ideal body weight for men:

Ideal bodyweight in Kilograms = 50 Kgs + add 1.9 KGs for each inch over 5 feet

Following is the easiest formula to calculate ideal body weight for women:

Ideal bodyweight in Kilograms =50 kgs + add 1.7 KGs for each inch over 5 feet

For example, I am 6 feet tall and weighs about 98 Kilograms approximately. 

My Ideal bodyweight(Male) in Kilograms =  50 Kgs + 23(approx.) = 73 kgs (approx.) 

Note: This is the minimum weight I should maintain to be called fit. Furthermore, this weight does not mean that I am overweight or obese. That needs further calculation and tally against the BMI Chart.  Basically, the conventional calculation of Ideal weight is developed by the physician to determine drug doses. 

The basic ideal bodyweight calculation underestimates the ideal weight of taller persons comparing to shorter heights even overestimate. In 2016, researchers found that the BMI of 22.5 for men is a match with 21 for women. As a result, they suggest a new equation to calculate Ideal bodyweight.   

How to make a Body Weight Chart? - Calculating BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Further interestingly the healthy BMI range is near about the same for both men and women. The healthy range for Ideal body is between 18.5 24.9 for both men and women. And as we mentioned above the BMI of  22 comes is in the middle of the chart.       

For BMI Chart click here!!

The newly suggested formula to count Ideal bodyweight is the following:

Ideal bodyweight in Pounds = 5 X Body Mass Index + (BMI/5) X  (Height in inches -(minus) 60)

Ideal bodyweight in Kilograms = 2.2 X Body Mass Index + 3.5 X Body Mass Index +  (Height in meters -(minus) 1.5)

Either you can use the simple online calculator click here!!!

For example, I am 6 feet tall and weighs about 98 Kilograms approximately. According to the new calculation formula:

My Ideal bodyweight(Male) in Kilograms = in between the range  of 62 - 84  kgs (approx.) BMI 29.2(overweight).

Here I have used the above mentioned online calculator. More important still the BMI calculator suggested to me that I am still overweight. But I am still thankful that I have come out from the trap of obesity in the last 3 -4 months. Also, the calculator suggesting to me that I should target to lose 5% of body weight which is 1-2 lbs per week. Further losing bodyweight at this rate will reduce my risk of health issues. The most important the free calculator suggested me the daily calorie intake about between 2248-2890 depending on my weekly workout between 30 minutes to 150 minutes.  Isn't it a great tool?

So until now, I hope the readers have noticed and understood the importance of that maintaining the body weight chart on a regular basis to track your health & fitness progress. As per the recommendation of physicians taking weight in empty stomach early in the morning after urinating gives the most accurate results. Unfortunately, I use to forget this and so I have decided to keep a scale into my bathroom under my sink. And after that day now every I take my weight in empty stomach to fill up my body weight chart and keep my fitness goal under continues observation. The main benefit of doing such tracking keeps me updated and I can change my fitness strategy according to my bodyweight. 

How to make a Body Weight Chart? - Making Self-Chart 

Now it's time to tally our calculated BMI (Hongkong hospital authority) with the following Index to obtain our fitness status:

BMI in kg/m2
Normal Range
Overweight - I
At Risk
Overweight - II
Moderately Obese
Overweight - II
Severely Obese

As of now, you have all the data you need to make the body weight chart it's time to make a chart by hand or using office software like Excel, word or anything you prefer. For example, the body weight chart may include Your current height(though it's constant for adults except for children), weight, BMI, age, sex, daily activity, target weight, and, status, etc. However, the status and Ideal goal weight can be achieved from the above BMI calculator we've mentioned earlier in this article. In the following section, we'll discuss the Ideal Goal weight chart.

Ideal goal weight chart (Optional)

Basically, the range of weight to achieve lower BMI and to reduce the risk of physical symptoms such as Type 2 diabetes. The perfect BMI range is 18.5 to 23 and anything over is unhealthy and poses risk to health. Similarly, anything under 18.5 is unhealthy for both men, women, child and one of the main reason of fatigue which is very unhealthy. So, the chart consist of your ideal weight and progress towards the target weight is an ideal goal weight chart.

Consequences if Overweight:

There are many negative consequences of being overweight or obese. First of all, you don't look at your worst even people make fun of obesity that's worst thing can happen with you. Secondly, there are many medical consequences can happen and in the worst, it can go up to cancer. Other consequences such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gallstones, asthma, cataracts, infertility, snoring, and sleep apnea, etc.  I know it's a kind of scary but obesity is not the only reason for the above causes. But you can say that obesity creates the field for these diseases. So, there is no perfect time to change the lifestyle or you can say that the perfect time is today. To stay on the safer side compare and purchase the best short term health insurance from It's pretty simple just read our article on losing weight by staying home and making simple changes in lifestyle.

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Consequences if Underweight: 

Likewise, overweight people underweight are also under come under the risk of several physical conditions.  The most common are weakness and fatigue. Other medical conditions such as Osteoporosis, Skin, hair, or teeth problems, frequently sickness, anemia, slow growth, premature birth and irregular periods, etc. Again don't need to a scary eating healthy diets, not rich diets can be helpful for both underweight and overweight people. Though still now we don't cover any article on underweight, so here I am promising my readers to write soon on underweight people with solutions in detail.  

But till then don't get hopeless as we've already researched on topics and presenting here some of the best products are available in the market. These following products help many underweight people around the world to gain mass and defeat unnatural weight loss due to a proper and unhealthy diet. So, I hope these products will also help you to achieve your target weight in no time. Again we suggest you to visit a nutritionist or expert before using the products and read the product guidelines carefully before using for the best harmless experience. Again our following recommendations come with Amazon money back guarantee and natural as per our research and knowledge. Further, these products are highly recommended by Amazon and reviewed by thousands of customers around the world.

Now, How I Have used the body weight chart to lose weight?

I think I have already shown and proved that keeping body weight chart can be really helpful to control your body weight and keep your fitness goal under tracking. What I have done is every morning before I come out from the washroom I took my weight and note it down in my body weight chart. And after days, it becomes a great data for me and whenever I open that  Excel sheet I feel proud of myself. And most importantly if I see any gain I can instantly consult with my trainer and make changes as needed to stay in the right track. As I am overweight so don't get yourself frustrated by feeling alone. I will keep writing until or unless I reach my goal of 73 KGs and I am still 98 KGs. So, see you soon in the coming weeks.   

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